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About the authors

Jeffrey Ng, CFA, works at Ping An OneConnect Bank (Hong Kong) Limited as Head of FinTech Solutions. His mandate is to advance the use of AI in banking and financial ecosystems. Prior to this, he headed up the data lab of BNP Paribas Asia Pacific, which constructed an AI and data analytics solution for business, and was the vice-chair of the French Chamber of Commerce's FinTech Committee in Hong Kong. In 2010, as one of the pioneers in applying client analytics to investment banking, he built the analytics team for the bank. He has undertaken AI projects in retail and commercial banks with PwC Consulting and GE Money. He graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in computing and management and holds an MBA in finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I want to thank my family and university lecturers for their encouragement during the darkest point of my life (literally and emotionally). Thank God I have you all.

Subhash Shah works as Head of Technology at AIMDek Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is an experienced solutions architect with over 12 years' experience. He holds a degree in information technology. He is an advocate of open source development and its utilization in solving critical business problems at a reduced cost. His interests include microservices, data analysis, machine learning, AI, and databases. He is an admirer of quality code and Test-Driven Development (TDD). His technical skills include, but are by no means limited to, translating business requirements into scalable architecture, designing sustainable solutions, and project delivery. He is a coauthor of MySQL 8 Administrator's Guide and Hands-On High Performance with Spring 5.

About the reviewers

Anil Omanwar has a dynamic personality with a great passion for the latest technology trends and research. He has over 13 years of experience in researching cognitive computing, while NLP, machine learning, information visualization, and text analytics are just a few of his areas of research interest. He is proficient in sentiment analysis, questionnaire-based feedback, text clustering, and phrase extraction in diverse domains such as banking, oil and gas, life sciences, manufacturing, and retail. He currently works for IBM Australia as a data science platform specialist, developing and delivering cognitive, AI-enabled platforms and solutions for businesses. He holds multiple patents on emerging technologies, including NLP automation and device intelligence.

Thanks to my mentors, parents, and family for their guidance and support.

Pouya Jamshidiat is an award-winning product leader and strategist in AI, fintech, and life sciences. He is a featured speaker at Product School and co-author of The AI Book. He is the founder of Pioneer Minds Ltd. Previously, he worked with the Lloyds Banking Group as a senior product owner on the application of AI in various sectors of the bank. He introduced the most advanced search and knowledge management technologies to the Lloyds Banking Group. He has worked for IBM as a senior product design consultant and as a senior product owner at Monitise. He has designed mobile banking and commerce value propositions. Recently, Pouya made the move to the life sciences sector, joining Eagle Genomics to help them apply AI to solve the big challenges facing scientists.

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