Acknowledgments – Starting a Talent Development Program


Many wise and wonderful people worked behind the scenes to make this a comprehensive and practical book. Thank you to Amanda Smith—even though she jumped ship halfway through to deliver beautiful Cairo—and Justin Brusino, who always offers sound advice.

Thanks to everyone at ATD Press, who take care of all the difficult parts of producing a book, allowing me to do all the exciting parts: Kathryn Stafford, whose queries and questions ensured the book would be an easy read; Melissa Jones, who prodded my prepositions into place and kept the grammar gods contented. Thanks also goes out to Caroline Coppel, proofreader extraordinaire, and design artists Fran Fernandez and Iris Sanchez (with a little help from beautiful baby Ava).

Finally, thank you to my readers—especially those of you who tell me how you use the content in my books. It is rewarding to know my words work for you!