Acknowledgments – 10 Steps to Successful Coaching, 2nd Edition


In the first edition of this book, I expressed my gratitude to all my coaches and thanked my coaching clients for giving me the opportunity to assist them with their learning and growth—and for the learning and growth I absorbed in the process. I thanked them, too, for giving me permission to share some of their stories. While my gratitude in this area is not at all diminished, as I am attempting in this book to integrate coaching into the workplace, I want to thank six amazing organizational leaders who have allowed me to do the work of helping others grow as employees and people: Maria DeGuevara, Ed Everett, and Peter Ingram at the City of Redwood City; Daniel Boockvar at Weight Watchers; Kathryn Zukof at New York University; and Aaron Vieira at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Not only did these individuals support coaching initiatives, they were all-around amazing bosses. You’ll hear more from several of them throughout these pages. I’ve been lucky in my career to have worked with so many inspiring and supportive leaders.

I’m so happy that ATD asked me to update this book 10 years later. Rewriting it has been a valuable learning experience for me and I want to thank Eliza Blanchard, Zaimah Khan, Jack Harlow, and Hannah Sternberg for making it possible.

As before, my indebtedness extends to my friends and family, who have supported me wholeheartedly in my various career transitions as well as helped me feel that I could be successful at whatever I wanted to do. Special thanks again to Nina and Ted Liebman, who laid the foundation by raising me in the greatest of rich and supportive environments. As is everything, Jeff, Lily, and Evan, this is—once again—for you.

In loving memory of Barry and Sandy Oberstein.

Sophie Oberstein

August 2019