Acknowledgements – Consumer Behaviour and Branding: Concepts, Readings and Cases – The Indian Context


I am extremely thankful to several individuals and organizations, without whose timely support this book would have never taken shape.

I thank Professor Kevin Keller, world renowned academic in the field of marketing and branding, of the Tuck School of Business for endorsing my work. It requires unusual kindness and generosity to vouch for the work of a fellow-academic in an emerging sphere, and mega brand Professor Keller has allowed me to have a “rub off” of his academic fame in doing so. To me, such a gesture suggests that a brand’s success is even greater if humility is part of its associations.

I am thankful to Mr Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries, Bangalore, for the time and effort he has taken to examine my manuscript for an endorsement. His endorsement of the work is indeed an honor to me. I would also like to thank Mr Manoj Chakravarti, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Corporate Governance, IIM Bangalore, for his kind support as my interface with Mr Bhasker Bhat. I thank my sincere well-wisher, Mr A. C. Chidanand, Group Manager, SAP, Titan Limited who kindly provided the inputs I had requested for this book.

I am much obliged to the following managers of Titan Limited for their support: Ms Suparna Mitra, Global Marketing Head, and Ms Vandana Bhalla, Marketing Manager, Titan; Ms Kalpana Rangamani, Marketing Head, Sonata; and Ms Simeran Bhasin, Marketing Head, Fastrack & New Business.

I am grateful to the following editors of journals and business press for providing me with the necessary permission to carry my published articles: Mr Vinay Kamath, Editor, The Hindu Businessline; Dr Anne Foy of Westburn Publishers (Publishing Editor of Journal of Customer Behavior and Marketing Review); Dr Kartik Dave, Editor, Indian Retailing Review; Dr Jan Travers of Idea Publishers; Dr Mathew Manimala, Editor and Mr C. Ramakrishna, Executive Editor, South Asian Journal of Management; Dr Alvin Gilbert, Editor, International Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship; Mr Ben, Editor, Pitch magazine; and Ms Brenda Rouse, Editor, Journal of Brand Management

I am indebted to Mr Arnab Das, Brand Manager, Marico Industries, for the efforts and time he had devoted to put in a caselet that provides a touch of reality to the work. I am happy to acknowledge the contribution of Ms Deepa Rajaram, HR Manager, Marico Industries, who has provided the necessary support. It is also worthwhile to mention the efforts of Mr Sameer Satpathy, Head, Marketing Consumer Products, Marico Industries, towards the processing of the caselet that appears in this book.

I thank M/s Hindustan Unilever Limited for its contribution that has been enormously helpful in the preparation of this book.

A special word of recognition is due to the following executives for providing me with several inputs that were useful to this work: Mr G. K. Suresh, Brand Manager, ITC; Ms Sudarshan Maiya of MTR; Dr Srikanth and Mr Antaah Sheikh of Himalaya; Mr Chanchalapathi Das, Vice President, ISKCON Bangalore; Dr Rajaretnam, Vice President, Research International; Ms Vyshnavi and Mr Rajesh of JWT, Bangalore.

I acknowledge the spontaneous support provided by my former students Mr Sooraj Bhat, Brand Manager, Madura Coats and Mr Mudhurjya Banerjee. Some of their inputs have gone into this work.

The following persons have been associated with my progress and work at some point in my academic career. I would not have been in a position to sustain my academic pursuits, but for their steadfast support: Dr B. Ilango, Former Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiar University, Coimbatore; Mr Goplakrishnan, Executive Director, Tata & Sons; Mr B. Suresh, during his tenure with Hindustan Unilever Limited; Mr Atul Sinha during his tenure with Colgate Limited; Dr K. R. S Murthy, Former Director of IIM Bangalore; Professor Dipak Jain of the Kellogg School of Management; Mr Bijou Kurien, Chief Executive, Lifestyle Division, Reliance Industries; and Mr Bharat Puri, Regional Commercial Strategy Director, Cadbury Schweppes.

Professor Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore, helped me with the facilities I needed to pursue this work. I am thankful to him. Ms K. P. G Rama provided adequate support by way of secretarial assistance.

I acknowledge the cooperation and patience shown by the editors at Pearson Education. Associate Production Editor Mr M. R. Ramesh was sincere and involved in his interactions with me. I appreciate the efforts taken by him to understand the subject with a view to copy-edit the text appropriately. Mr J. Saravanan, General Manager, Marketing, was the driving force behind my association with Pearson and I thank him for his sustained support and motivation. Editors Ms Anindita Pandey and Mr M. E. Sethurajan were also instrumental in bringing the book out in its present form.

Finally (not in the order of importance), I thank my wife Amrith Ramesh and my parents for supporting a mindset that enabled me to attempt this work.


S. Ramesh Kumar